6 Pre-School and Creche Outdoor Activities

With the sun making a prolonged and rare appearance over the the past few days we thought we put together a quick post with some outdoor sensory play activity ideas for your Creche or School to take advantage of the fine weather while it lasts!


1. Outdoor Car Wash

Set up an area outside where the children can wash the playground “cars & bikes”. Children can have three stations: soap and sponges; clean water and sponges; and drying cloths. Sensory play allows the senses to take in, experience, integrate and regulate response to the the environment. Not only is sensory play FUN but such a simple bucket of water, sponges and cloths supports the whole child in developing skills that will be necessary for learning and life.

2. Outdoor “Hot Potato”

Put a medium size ball (‘hot potato’) in the centre of a circle along with a child chosen to be ‘in the oven’. The rest of the children stand in a circle representing the boundary of the oven, holding hands. The student who is ‘in the oven’ tries to kick the ball out of the circle using only her feet. The others try to stop the ball with their feet. Once the ball is out of the circle, another child is chosen be be ‘in the oven’.

3. Creche Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in your Creche with some furniture,  toys or items from Wesco’s Explor’action range but lots of things can work for building the maze. After you have laid out the course, allot a time the child must finish it in, or time each child to see who is the quickest. For the older ones, make them carry an egg or a cup of water through the maze. Also quite humorous if the teachers get involved!

4. Tea Time

A tea party just isn’t a tea party without a gaggle of guests to enjoy the treats. Let the children take their favourite stuffed animals to an afternoon picnic on the lawn or outdoor tables. Cups, kettles, and cupcakes make the perfect spread for a playful day in the shade.

5. Have Fun with Sand & Water

While the weather permits get your children involved in some water or sand play. Even just a simple sprinkler (with proper supervision and safety in mind, of course) or water & sand table will provide lots of ways for your toddlers to move an play. It’s also one activity that toddlers seem to enjoy much longer than just playing with a ball or toy, so be sure to make it a regular part of your days when you can.

6. Get into Gardening

Allow the children to plant a vegetable and flower garden, potatoes, carrots and lettuce leaves are good vegetables to begin with. A gardening activity  is something that all the children and even parents can become involved with. All the children will be able to help with digging, planting and watering the vegetables. Over the weeks they can watch them grow and eventually pick them. The vegetables can even be used for the preschool lunches and snacks.




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