Daily life equipment for Montessori and Creches from Meal Time to Rest Time.

Wesco Ireland offer Creche and Montessori¬†workers¬†all the equipment needed for daily life whether it’s for their meals (high chairs, cutlery, bottles), their sleep (beds, stacking beds), their hygiene (changing tables, linen), their safety (barriers, playpen) or their strolls (pushchairs).

Meal TimeEquipment

All equpment & accessories for meal times including tables, chairs, utensils and much more..

Rest TimeEquipment

Everything needed for successful rest times including beds, bedding, relaxations areas and accessories.

Hygiene Equipment & Accessories

A full selection of hygiene equipment from clean rooms to changing units medical kits and more..

Safety Equipment & Accessories

Make your creche or Montessori areas as safe as possible with barriers, play pens and safety accessories

Walking Accessories

Push cahirs, buggies, car seats and walking ropes just some of the walking items available for your creche, Montessori or Primary School.

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