Sport & Motor Skill Resources for Primary Schools, Creches & Montessori’s

Creche and Primary School children will be able to develop their physical skills and acquire balance awareness with the modules and motor structures, while the older children will be able to develop their dexterity, cooperation and to learn to respect the rules with balls, the gymnastics materials, the athletics materials, or group activities. You can also find all the materials for training, as well as the outside games: wheeled-toys, water and sand games equipment.


A wide range of playing mats for Creches including, wall mats, landing and tumbling.

Outdoor and Leisure Activities

Outdoor activities including sand & water games, wheeled toys & outdoor games.

Psychomotor skills 0-3 years

A range of activity structures, motor skill pathways, ball pools, rockers and walking aids.

Balls forGames

All ball types for sport and motor activity needed including balls for play, sport and giant.


Equipment for Sports activities including skill games, gymnastics, athletics, group sports and racket sports.

Training andAccessories

A wide range of equipment to supply your creche or school with everything needed for training .

Psychomotor skills 3-6 years

Including activity structures, motor skill pathways, motor skill accessories and balance.

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